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On behalf of the entire editorial board, I am delighted to inform you that we are releasing a new multidisciplinary International Journal named ‘The Rehabilitation Journal’ (TRJ), which will be an open access, peer reviewed, and online journal. This journal will cover all topics related to medical rehabilitation including but not limited to musculoskeletal rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, psychosocial rehabilitation, speech and language rehabilitation and community based rehabilitation etc.

The primary aim of TRJ is to provide the readers with a platform to access high quality research associated with rehabilitation, which will not only deliver scientific basis to the clinicians for evidence-based practice but also promote rehabilitation research with the aim of improvising the existing research with new ideas and bridging the gaps. We intend to build up an international base of the journal and therefore encourage authors from all around the world to participate and make their work published in an International refereed journal. We ensure strict adherence to International guidelines of reviewing to maintain a high standard of an international journal.

Every manuscript submitted to TRJ, which falls under the umbrella term of Rehabilitation, will go through a basic process of scrutinizing by the related associate editors, and then will be sent to experts in the relative field for a detailed review. Based on the comments and recommendations made by the reviewers, the final decision will be made by the managing editor.

The most distinct feature of TRJ is continuous publication of articles online after acceptance without waiting for a sufficient number of articles for an issue. The review time will be regularly monitored by the editorial board to ensure faster publications avoiding any unnecessary delay.

Other features include the provision of open access and online tracking of the status of manuscript. Open access research articles provide fast and efficient sharing of the findings across the globe. This also ensures high quality work to help influence rehabilitation practice in the shortest possible time to the broadest possible population of scientific researchers.

Finally, I would like to pay my sincerest gratitude to entire editorial board for their continuous hard work behind launching of this journal.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this new journal and contribute to make it an international platform for sharing good quality work in all fields of rehabilitation.

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